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Project Summary

The “Emperia” project as a whole marks the creation of an urban commercial quarter in a prime location close to Outer Ring Road Nanakranguda, Hyderabad, which is characterised by a high degree of urban development and ecological quality. The building, developed by aspiring Elegans Developers will host a range of uses open to the public, including retail and restaurant businesses, as part of efforts to invigorate the new urban quarter in and around Peripherial Business District. The high proportion of commercial leasing, occupied by Google, will ensure that the urban quarter remains vibrant and alive. The building boast a highly differentiated architectonic expression courtesy of the differing uses of spaces. The façade sports combination of contemporary glass look interfacing with natural stone slabs, lending the structure an elegance appropriate to their location and target group.

Scope of Works

  • Untiised Curtain Wall.
  • Metal Composite Cladding.
  • Terrace Pergola Structure.
  • Semi Unitised Glazed Wall.
  • Natural Stone Cladding.
  • Glass Railings and framed doors.

Key Facts and Challenges

  • The peculiar deisgn has curved panels on the two opposites.
  • The Vertical Fins are designed to be unsupported for large span of 18m.
  • The Entire Terrace Pergola structure is made in mild steel fabrication, which is projecting out 2.5m away from building line.
  • The access for the same was a challenge, overcomed by propiertory platforms.
  • The fins as well as Top Pergola is carefully wrapped with imported Fire Rated Metal Composite Sheets

Project Name

Elegans Emperia




Elegans Developers

Scope of Work

External Facade Works

Facade Consultant

Synergy Facade Consultancy


R.Chekrpani & Associates