Field Construction


Megasleek designs, engineers, manufactures, and then installs, giving us control of the entire lifecycle and guaranteeing quality every step of the way. Our installation processes are designed to ensure the safety of everyone and the workmanship and final product our reputation is built on.


The Megasleek safety program is both comprehensive and practical. Beginning with our exhaustive safety manual and following through to weekly safety meetings and daily safe job practices, we are proud to put the safety of not only our own team but of the entire construction team first. Our field team is OSHA trained and certified. Additionally, we are continually pursuing improved safe work practices.


The vast majority of our work is completed with Megasleek’s own field crews, which means they have an intimate knowledge of the product. When this strong, experienced labor force is combined with the expertise of our project managers, the result is a high-powered installation team dedicated to the success of each project.


Our means and methods have been refined over years of successful facade installations and are continually being improved. This translates into effective and efficient installation processes allowing us to meet and exceed an owner’s expectations and safely deliver on the quality, schedule, and budget promises made at the outset… on time – every time.