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Mega Sleek Projects
Mega Sleek Projects

Project Summary

Just like Miami, Mumbai has set to become the next big coastal destination with its very own floating restaurants, an international cruise terminal and a marina The Mumbai’s new cruise terminal will be so big that it will be 10 times the size of the existing one, and thus will be well-equipped to offer most of the facilities that are available for passengers at airports. The shape of the new terminal is inspired from Modern Ship along with Sails. The building is a long 300m structure sitting parallel to the sea shore. The facade elements comprises of inclined glass facades, free form tensile structure and GFRC Cladding.

Scope of Works

  • Hybrid Curtainwall.
  • Tensile Fabric Cladding.
  • GFRC Cladding.

Key Facts and Challenges

  • Various challenges need to be tackled in construction of tis iconic façade.
  • The backup glazed wall has profiles leaning towards as well as way from the building with large span mullions.
  • The tensile fabric need to be profiled as per the free form architectural intent.
  • Each fabric unit called as sails are 10m wide and 22m in height.
  • The same need to be laterally on steel structures coming laterally which from discreet points from main structure through the glazed wall.
  • The bottom portion of GFRC is totally custom made of unique pattern.
  • Multiple casts for the GFRC moulds need to be made.
  • Overall coordination, deliveries, fitment and sequencing is a challeging but enjoyable feat.

Project Name

International Cruise Terminal




Bombay Port Trust

Scope of Work

External Facade Works

Facade Consultant



Kale & Balekar