Manufacturing Complex Custom Systems

Through close collaboration with our engineering, supply and installation partners, we manufacture wall systems that not only meet the structural and aesthetic intent, but are also shop and field friendly from a build and install standpoint.

We leverage the vast collective experience of the broad MEGASLEEK team as well as our strategic vendor partnerships and proprietary manufacturing process to ensure that the product we supply is of the highest quality and integrity.

At MEGASLEEK, our entire OFFSITE PANEL MANUFACTURING process happens in-house at our strategically located units in Hyderabad. Our centrally Located Production Units are founded to service the need of our Pan India Presence by managing quality in a controlled environment and minimizing shipping distances to the projects across the country. Located in Heart of the Country, our units are only 500kms away from Most of the metro cities.

We have two Manufacturing Units with combined area of more than 2 lakh square foot. Our production capabilities have been enhanced by new automated cutting equipment, new machining centers, heavy lifting equipment, rotation loading apparatuses, overhead cranes and modular racking systems.

Optimal production begins with planning and managing our shop capacity to meet the needs of our customers. MEGASLEEK uses a custom built Capacity Planning Tool to manage capacity, as far ahead as 24 months, allowing us to create the ideal production plan and then to be nimble in adjusting to the inevitable changes resulting from field conditions. This capacity plan also allows us to begin working with our supply chain partners early in the project lifecycle, identifying and managing long lead time items to ensure their availability when required on the production line.

Our proprietary Release Management System is the key to efficiently transitioning from Engineering to the Shop Floor. This system extracts all the relevant unit, sub-assembly, and part information from our design tools so that it can be grouped into work orders for release to the shop floor. It also produces all the shop floor documentation to allow production to flow from the saw to the finished bunk to the field in the order it’s needed.